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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Philadelphia, PA

For patients who’ve exhausted multiple means of treatment, relief is in sight. Pennsylvania has legalized cannabis for medical use and has established the PA Medical Marijuana Program. That means that those living in Philadelphia and the surrounding region can soon have access to high-grade medical cannabis.

Although the program is just starting, you can be on the ground floor. Have a state-registered physician certify your condition, and you’re eligible to receive your medical marijuana card.

Be sure to check the Pennsylvania Department of Health website for the latest news about the program.

Do You Qualify?

The first thing you must determine is if you qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program. State law has listed quite a few conditions they feel would benefit from cannabis as a treatment. These range from life-threatening diseases to disorders with painful symptoms.

This includes:

Doctors can approve other disorders that cause severe symptoms like seizures and chronic pain. They can also determine if medical cannabis will help conditions like:

Getting Approved by a Physician

The most important step to joining the Medical Marijuana Program is receiving a certification from a medical practitioner. This doctor must first be registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health before they can recommend cannabis use for patients.

The state also requires:

  • A proven patient-doctor relationship. This may require you to meet with the physician several times before you receive your certification
  • Proof of residency. The doctor will need to see a state ID or other proof you live in Pennsylvania.
  • Your medical records. The doctor will need to view all medical records pertaining to your condition.

After the physician certifies your disorder, you can then apply with the DOH for your medical marijuana card.

Finding a Physician in Philadelphia

As the largest city in the most populated county in the state, Philadelphia has many doctors who have already registered with the state to certify medical marijuana use. If your primary care physician is not registered, you may want to encourage them to sign up. This is an exciting opportunity to aid patients who are struggling and in pain.

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