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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Stamford, CT

You can find doctors who believe in the medical power of marijuana all over the country, including in Stamford. This guide will help you learn more about the state’s registration process and how to find the right physician.

Qualifying Conditions Under Connecticut Law

Patients with the following health problems can qualify for cannabis medicine in Connecticut:

*A patient under 18 can only enter the program if they have one of these conditions.

Signing Up for Medical Marijuana in Connecticut

You must receive an assessment from a doctor to complete your medical marijuana application. If they think your condition counts, they’ll send your information to the state electronically.

Once the state receives your certification, you can visit Connecticut’s online portal to complete an application and provide the requested information, identifying documents, a photo for your ID and an application fee.

Who Can Certify Me for Medical Marijuana?

Certain states require you to get an assessment from a doctor with specific qualifications. Connecticut, however, only needs recommendations to come from a doctor who practices within the state and has a controlled substance registration. They must also have a bona fide relationship with you as a patient.

However, you could have trouble finding a doctor who wants to provide recommendations to their patients. Not every medical professional agrees with using cannabis as medicine, so some could refuse to help you. The medical professionals we have listed on regularly provide recommendations to patients like you.

Find the Perfect Physician

Browse this page to find a cannabis-positive doctor in or near Stamford. For more doctors in the state, look at our listings in all Connecticut cities.

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