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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Connecticut

Connecticut medical marijuana doctors listed at possess active state medical licenses issued by Connecticut’s Department of Health, practice in the state of Connecticut and are registered with the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program. In addition, all marijuana doctors in Connecticut have been given active controlled substance registration by the Department of Consumer Protection and an active controlled substance registration issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

To register qualifying medical marijuana patients with the state’s MMJ program, doctors must also establish clinical relationships with patients, i.e., show they have consistently assessed, diagnosed and provided treatment for a patient’s medical problem. Upon concluding that the beneficial effects of medical marijuana more than likely outweigh health risks caused by the patient’s medical condition, a medical marijuana doctor in Connecticut can write a recommendation for the patient to obtain marijuana from a dispensary.

Requirements to Receive an MMJ Recommendation in Connecticut

If you are looking to schedule an appointment with a Connecticut medical marijuana doctor, be aware that MMJ physicians do not prescribe cannabis for medicinal purposes. Instead, they certify — using an online form found on the Health Department’s website — patients as being afflicted with a debilitating and chronic disease. People eligible for the medical marijuana program in Connecticut must be diagnosed with one or more of the following diseases and/or disorders:

The maximum monthly amount of medical marijuana a qualifying patient can possess legally in Connecticut is 2.5 ounces.  Changes to this amount are based on suggestions issued by the Board of Physicians. Effective October, 2016, Connecticut medical marijuana doctors can recommend MMJ for non-adult patients and patients over 18 years old suffering from cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, permanent spinal cord injuries, intractable seizure disorders and any terminal illness necessitating end-of-life care. However, Connecticut marijuana doctors cannot recommend cannabis for medicinal use for inmates currently confined to a state prison or county jail.

Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Connecticut

The first step in getting registered with Connecticut’s Prescription Monitoring Program is to find a doctor listed on and making an appointment. Be aware you can’t register until the Connecticut Department of Health receives certification from your doctor diagnosing you with an eligible condition.

You also need a recommendation from a Connecticut medical marijuana doctor stating that palliative consumption of medical marijuana offsets the possible health risks of using marijuana. Only people who can establish they are Connecticut residents can register for a MMJ certificate.

Gain immediate access to a complete list of licensed Connecticut marijuana doctors at We also provide up-to-date information about licensed commercial marijuana facilities operating in Connecticut as well as physician locations, business hours, MMJ delivery information, telehealth portal services and customer reviews of medical marijuana doctors in Connecticut.

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