VidaCann is the Fastest Growing Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Florida

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 07/01/2020 in Dispensary Resources

VidaCann Medical Cannabis Dispensary Florida

Florida has been dubbed the second-fastest-growing medical cannabis market in the United States, behind California. In the first quarter of 2020, there were more than 300,000 registered medical marijuana patients in the state. Therein lies a great opportunity for a growing medical marijuana dispensary business in Florida. In fact, the medical cannabis industry has created over 34,000 new jobs across America in this high growth market.

VidaCann is well-positioned as one of the most reputable and largest cannabis producers and dispensary brands in the Sunshine State. VidaCann, based in Jacksonville, Florida, has been operating a flowering plant nursery and greenhouse since 1949. To say that VidaCann has learned a thing or two about organic cultivation in 71 years would be an understatement.

The passion for cultivation is just the start of the quality control and horticultural expertise that goes into every VidaCann product. Onsite, there is a cGMP certified laboratory that meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for quality control.

“As the second-fastest-growing medical marijuana market in the U.S., we have seen the ever-increasing demand from patients across Florida for our safe and effective cannabis products and with this investment in our expansion, our goal is to ensure VidaCann products are readily and easily available to help those who need it.

Peyton Moseley, Vice President of Product Development, VidaCann

The growth plan for VidaCann involves launching more dispensaries. They have projected a total of thirty-five (35) operational medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida by 2021. VidaCann currently provides more than 30 premium strains of medical cannabis and 200+ product SKUs for certified Florida medical marijuana cardholders. VidaCann has also secured licensing as the exclusive cultivator and Florida dispensary for Charlotte’s Web™ cannabis products and Tikun Olam, two world-renowned and highly rated premium strains and brands.

Jennifer Tapiero from Sparkz Network Interviews Peyton Moseley (VP of Product Development)

VidaCann accepted our invitation to participate in an interview with the cannabis reviewer and influencer, Jennifer Tapiero, from Sparkz Network. Marijuana Doctors has partnered with Sparkz Network to provide personal insights from leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

Peyton Moseley is the Vice President of Product Development for VidaCann, a position he has held for almost four years. Peyton has been involved in healthcare marketing and business development for sixteen years. He is passionate about providing certified patients with alternative therapeutic options.

In the video interview with Sparkz Network for Marijuana Doctors, Peyton Moseley shares that the corporation still considers itself to be a “start-up” in the medical cannabis market. A humble reflection, considering the rapid growth of the dispensary. VidaCann has already amassed 200 employees in Florida.


During the interview with Jennifer Tapiero, Peyton Moseley shares his very personal motivation and his inspiration with VidaCann. He explained why it is a constant process to innovate new medical cannabis products that create a wellness impact for patients. It is more than a career, it is a deeper and very personal drive to be part of making lives better with medical cannabis.

Peyton and his wife adopted a little girl. Shortly after adopting their daughter, they learned that she had epilepsy. For those not familiar with the symptoms of epilepsy, the condition can cause painful and life-threatening seizures that can result in mild to moderate muscle spasms, inability to talk, and—depending on the severity—the individual can lose consciousness.

The Moseley family tried many different treatments and sought the advice of several physicians and specialists. The therapeutic treatments for patients diagnosed with epilepsy are pharmacological; a treatment plan is developed with one or multiple types of prescription medications to help reduce the frequency and severity of the seizures.

It is more than a career, it is a deeper and very personal drive to be part of making lives better with medical cannabis.

The problem is that, for some patients diagnosed with epilepsy, prescription medications do not work. In many cases, the instances of epileptic events may be reduced, or the severity of the seizures may improve, but the symptoms remain. Prescription medications may not completely stop incidents of seizures from occurring.

Managing the frequency of seizures is critical. The average seizure can last from 2-3 minutes. However, a seizure lasting longer than 5-minutes is considered life-threatening and requires emergency hospitalization. The side effects of some types of seizure medications can be difficult to tolerate for patients. Because of the impact of frequent epileptic seizures, many patients can suffer clinical levels of anxiety and depression.

Peyton and his wife began to search for a better alternative for their daughter. Exhausting almost every treatment modality available (both parents are health professionals), the family explored medical cannabis as an alternative therapy. Peyton shared that his daughter has been free of seizures for over three years, thanks to medical cannabis treatments.

When you listen to Peyton Moseley from VidaCann talk about the healing potential and real, practical results realized by many patients using medical cannabis, you start to understand why quality and service is personal for him. 

VidaCann is committed to providing expert suggestions and support for caregivers. They may be assisting a minor with chronic health symptom management or an adult patient with special needs. Whatever the case, each member of the VidaCann team is specially trained to provide compassionate care for patients and caregivers. 

Cultivating, processing, and manufacturing some of Florida’s highest regarded CBD and THC medical cannabis products is guided by the principle that medical cannabis can give patients a “new lease on life,” when debilitating symptoms are moderated. It is a mission that VidaCann fulfills through every step of their process in order to sell premium medical cannabis products for Florida patients.

VidaCann: A Growing Dispensary Business in the Florida Medical Marijuana Market

In December of 2019, VidaCann announced a $25 million dollar expansion plan that would include an additional 600,000 square feet of cultivation space. After the expansion, the growth in production facilities will make VidaCann one of the largest medical cannabis producers in Florida.

VidaCann is a privately held company. When the new $25 million dollar growth strategy is implemented, it will provide an additional 300 jobs in Florida (employing a total of 500 people post-expansion). So, when Peyton Moseley humbly refers to their “start-up” mentality, he just means that they don’t let the rapid growth of their corporate dispensary “go to their head.”

It is an interesting and inspiring business success story, as VidaCann retrofitted its flowering plant greenhouse to grow commercial medical cannabis. This process involved upgrading the VidaCann cultivation methods to improve air intake (and eliminate mold) while providing the right temperature and humidity to produce quality medical marijuana.

The best equipment for a healthy, non-toxic process was in Italy, so VidaCann had it imported for its production facility. VidaCann currently produces over 400 lbs. of cannabis product per day using these specialized Italian extractors that were custom engineered for VidaCann’s operations. The extraction process to produce CBD, THC, or hybrid blended oils is an exact science to make premium quality medical cannabis products.

Why Quality is the Competitive Advantage for Florida Dispensaries, Like VidaCann

Florida requires that all licensed dispensaries produce the cannabis products they sell. It is illegal for a Florida medical marijuana dispensary to purchase or import a consumer product from another manufacturer or producer. The regulations in Florida aim to effectively eliminate illegal production or distribution and reduce any involvement from organized crime or cartels.

The production requirement from the Florida Department of Health and the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) also helps to “weed out” illicit street products that have not been health inspected. Cannabis purchased by patients at a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida is third-party-inspected to ensure that solvents, mycotoxins, or other prohibited and carcinogenic additives are not present. 

VidaCann is well-positioned as one of the most reputable and largest cannabis producers and dispensary brands in the Sunshine State.

What the most successful and fastest-growing medical cannabis businesses in Florida have learned, is that patients are informed about medical marijuana before they arrive at the dispensary. Newly certified patients will educate themselves (often online) about the best strains for therapeutic treatments. Patients may have tried more than one dispensary before registering as a customer with VidaCann. They are invested in finding a natural treatment option to help them live better lives, with well-managed chronic health symptoms.

Consider a Florida medical marijuana patient who tries a product with the same name but experiences better wellness effects from one strain vs. the other. We can conclude that the patient’s varying experiences are due to differences in quality. The lower quality product may have had less favorable impacts on the patient’s symptoms. It is therefore evident that patients can tell the difference between premium and low-grade medical cannabis.

That is part of the reason why successful medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida provide a loyalty reward program for their customers. Ask any medical marijuana patient if they have purchased “bad product” from a medical dispensary. Persistent quality, safety, and service are the essentials for building a positive relationship with Florida medical marijuana patients and caregivers. It is all about trust.

Low-THC Products for the Treatment of Minors in Florida

In March 2020, Florida passed HB 713 by a 79/31 vote, in favor of capping the maximum low-THC limit of 10% for minors under the age of 21-years. This does not apply to minors with a terminal illness. To paint a clear picture, smokable cannabis products being sold in Florida dispensaries have potency as high as 30%.

The notion of a cap on medical marijuana THC-levels for adult patients in Florida was met with opposition, including veteran’s groups. The Veterans Cannabis Project is just one of many non-profits supporting access to medical cannabis for American veterans with chronic health conditions, or for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Medical cannabis programs in legalized states are constantly evolving. Therefore, dispensaries that cultivate and process their own products must remain agile to pivot if or when THC potency laws are imposed. The expansion and investment by VidaCann for infrastructure and technology will help the medical cannabis provider stay ahead of the curve competitively and in terms of legislative changes and compliance.

VidaCann Gives Back: A Partnership with the Realm of Caring Foundation

The Realm of Caring Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides support services for patients who are using cannabinoid therapy. The charitable organization provides funds for cannabis research, education, and community outreach programs to empower consumers with facts about medical marijuana.

Certified medical cannabis patients, or consumers with chronic health conditions, who would like to remain informed about clinical research and treatments, can register with the RoC for updates. The Realm of Caring has also launched a new Child Development program, providing enhanced support, life skills, and educational training for children with special needs.


Certified medical cannabis patients or consumers with chronic health conditions who would like to remain informed about clinical research and treatments, can register with the RoC for updates. The Realm of Caring has also launched a new Child Development program, providing enhanced support, life skills, and educational training for children with special needs. Charlotte’s Web (Stanley Brothers) is a sponsor and also partnered with the non-profit organization.

VidaCann Products and Services for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

What are some of the most popular medical cannabis products available in Florida from VidaCann? The dispensary carries a broad product assortment of vaporizing oil, smokable flower, topical creams for pain relief, pre-rolled medical cannabis, tinctures (sublingual intake drops), capsules (taken daily as a supplement, or as needed) and concentrates. VidaCann also provides accessories, such as vape pens.

During his interview with Jennifer Tapiero, Peyton Mosely gave us some insight into the products that are unique to VidaCann. Moseley introduced Cookie Toast, a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and French Toast OG. Another popular strain of medical cannabis sold by VidaCann is King Dosi, which is a heavier Indica-dominant strain that can provide effective nighttime relief of pain symptoms and insomnia.

VidaCann customers can visit the website to check the third-party lab results of quality control testing for each medical cannabis product sold. Simply enter the lot # and the batch # (provided on your container) and you can receive full safety testing and report on your medical cannabis products. It is a service that VidaCann offers patients for quality assurance.

We hope you enjoyed our special feature and interview on VidaCann. Marijuana Doctor is proud to spotlight inspiring business, service, and product excellence stories from within the American medical cannabis industry and would like to thank Peyton Moseley for spending the time with our team.

If you are a Florida medical marijuana cardholder, and you would like to find your nearest VidaCann dispensary location, visit their website, and use the search tool. You can also check out the special coupons and current promotions being offered. A veteran can receive a purchase discount, and first-time customers purchasing medical cannabis at VidaCann may receive a discount of $55.00 off a qualifying purchase of $100.00 in products or accessories.

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