Mike Tyson Sets Up a ‘Knock Out’ Cannabis Resort and Brand

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 12/18/2020 in CBD Resources

Mike Tyson Ranch Cannabis Tourism

Celebrities do not just wake up one day and decide to jump into a cannabis business. Many A-list actors and athletes start by investing in dispensaries or licensed companies first. And, of course, behind every celebrity entrepreneurial venture is a team of advisors: financial and investment experts, business analysts, brand managers, and more. The same is true for Mike Tyson.

Image: PHOTOKITA/Getty Images

Since 2016, Mike Tyson has been quickly establishing himself as a significant cannabis brand in California. Tyson Holistic does not grow on Tyson’s 400-acre estate. And after a lifetime of celebrity endorsements, this represents one of his largest lifestyle branding projects. It seems to be paying off.

While some celebrities launch their cannabis brand and call it good, Mike Tyson is after the world championship of business opportunities. Including a new 40-acre cannabis vacation resort, where guests can ‘smoke anywhere,’ including a large social lounge.

Creating Tyson Holistic Holdings and His Celebrity Cannabis Brands

Mike Tyson has built his cannabis brand Tyson Holistic since 2016. The former heavyweight champ has cultivated his top-shelf strains of highly potent cannabis. It is estimated that Mike Tyson earns over $600k per month from his current cannabis enterprise. But bigger things are in the works.

Mike Tyson purchased over 400 acres of land in California. He told reporters that it’s 420 acres (with a grin). The ranch is where Tyson Holistic will be packaging cannabis. However, Mike Tyson has made arrangements for third-party growers to produce his strains. 

On the podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’ the champ admitted to smoking a minimum of $40,000 per month in high-quality cannabis at Tyson Ranch. The podcast’s co-host is Eben Britton (former NFL Draft linesman), and instead of coffee and donuts at every studio recording, the round table is full of perma-smiles and deep thoughts. Thanks to Tyson’s top-shelf cannabis.

Copper Gel Products
Photo Credit: CopperGel.com

The Hemp-Derived CopperGel® Products for Pain Relief

Who else knows more about pain than a professional athlete? Especially those that take hits competitively in the ring. And as an athlete, Mike Tyson understood how few products effectively address relief of inflammation or pain. So, he launched CopperGel® Products.

In the hemp-derived CBD product line, Tyson has innovated:

  • CopperGel Roll-on
  • CopperGel Ice
  • CopperGel CBD Spray
  • CopperGel Hemp Cream

When you visit Tyson’s CopperGel store online, the first thing you notice about the celebrity products is the non-celebrity prices. It seems like anytime an influencer launches a brand for consumers, there is a significant price hike. That’s not just any hemp cream… that’s Mike Tyson’s hemp cream.

It is refreshing to see that the most expensive product is only $39.99. That is affordable. And proves that some significant market research went into the products. If you have pain or problems with inflammation, you will need to use topicals on an ongoing basis. This consumer-friendly price structure makes that possible.

Remember those copper bracelets everyone was wearing for a time? Some people still swear by the therapeutic benefits of copper, and there is some science behind that. The hemp-derived CBD topicals produced by Mike Tyson’s CopperGel brand include inflammation-busting copper. And athletes swear by it.

Tyson negotiated contracts with many professional sports organizations to provide his CopperGel products to professional athletes. Endorsements of the products have come from 4x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw, MMA Cody Garbrandt, Fabricio Werdun, Urijah Faber, and former NHLer Riley Cote.

Tyson Ranch Mike Tyson
Photo Credit: HighLife

The Forty-Acre Tyson Ranch Could Take Cannabis Tourism to the Next Level

Mike Tyson is training hard in 2020 to return to boxing. But in the meantime, his second passion is to create the world’s most amazing cannabis-friendly resort. He has allocated 40 acres of his 420-acre estate in California.

The abstract and designs for the new southern California resort are pretty impressive. Mr. Tyson’s business partner Rob Hickman has described it as the “Lollapalooza of cannabis’. If you are thinking about a five-star hotel with a concierge service, think again. It will resemble more of a perpetual outdoor music festival with all services. Glamping with a side-order of top-shelf cannabis available for purchase by guests.

Tyson Ranch will have the world’s largest lazy river. Can you think of something better to do than smoking a bowl and lounging under the hot sun with your friends? Sounds pretty heavenly. Around the extended lazy river are some California style cabanas where guests can float and then chill out for a nap or eat in relaxing shade.

Camping spaces are dispersed around the resort with all the expected shower and washroom facilities. But in the center of the resort will be the ‘social club.’ And a stage for live music events.

As California has legalized adult-use cannabis (recreational), having a medical card, or not having one will not make a difference. Guests will be able to fly in and settle into a luxury glamping site. There are 200 sites planned around the resort.

Tyson Ranch
Photo Credit: Cactus Hugs

The Mike Tyson Ranch as the Future Weedchella Vacation Destination

In 2019, Mike Tyson hosted the “Kind Music Festival” with live music from Miguel and A$AP Ferg. It was a preview of the entertainment that Tyson Ranch would provide. It’s already been touted as the first “Weedchella” or a Coachella-like experience. Except with comfy inflatable outdoor chairs provided (instead of having to haul your boho blanket).

What was different about the “Kind Music Festival” was the educational aspect. Yes, people were there to party and relaxed. And get an exciting preview of what Tyson Ranch will be like when the resort project is complete. 

However, in keeping with Tyson’s personal views about the holistic health benefits of CBD and cannabis, there were booths to educate people. The focus was not just on entertainment but on the wellness and management of chronic diseases and symptoms.

The Kind Fest annual event was planned for October 2020. It was a casualty of crowd-restrictions and health precaution cancellations because of Covid-19. Follow the event Facebook page to keep up to date about new rescheduling announcements.

Mike Tyson Motivated by Personal Experience to Provide Cannabis Instead of Opioids

As a celebrity athlete, it is safe to say that Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about pain management. Not only from his personal experience, but from those of his friends in competitive sports. Tyson has been a vocal advocate for years on the dangers of opioid addiction and long-term use. Specifically, for athletes who have been injured in competitive sports.

Before states began to legalize medical cannabis, Tyson was advocating for the therapeutic use of CBD. The championship boxer underwent two painful surgeries and used both CBD and medical cannabis to recover. 

Opioids were not the solution for Mike Tyson in terms of symptom management. He stated in multiple interviews that opiates had him “all screwed up.” Mike Tyson transitioned to CBD and cannabis, which he claims have helped him live pain-free. However, he is the first to admit that all professional sports organizations have no problem with athletes taking opioids. And that is a problem because of the health risks of long-term use of prescription pain drugs.

Mike Tyson has also discussed on multiple occasions that the fallout of opioid overprescribing and addiction creates problems for American veterans. States that have legalized medical cannabis programs (twenty-six of them now in 2020) have, in most cases, provided post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying health condition. 

Veterans are not the only patient segment that experiences the condition, but they make up most cases. Approximately 11% to 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are diagnosed with PTSD.

Colorado River Frogs Psychedelic
Photo Credit: Canva

Will Psychedelics Be an Expansion of Mike Tyson’s Empire?

Psychedelic drugs are expected to be the next ‘gold rush’ of alternative medicine in the United States. In 2020, Oregon became the first state to legalize psilocybin (magic mushrooms) for clinical mental health treatment. And other states are discussing the possibility of following suit.

Iowa House Representatives put forth a bill to legalize psilocybin in 2020. It is interesting because Iowa has shown to have slower growth in the cannabis sector compared to other states. So much so that the state’s primary medical cannabis producer, “Iowa Relief,” packed up and left the state. Iowa may be looking to the impending ‘shroom boom’ to boost tax revenues. And, of course, to provide another option for mental health treatments.

In other countries, the clinical use of psychedelic drugs has been legalized. Canada, for instance, provides licensed psilocybin clinics. Patients with treatment-resistant depression or severe post-traumatic mental health disorders can be prescribed psilocybin therapies. They are often offered in conjunction with licensed cognitive-behavioral or talk-therapy with a psychiatrist.

While Mike Tyson moves ahead with building his 40-acre luxury cannabis resort in California, he may be taking inspiration from other countries. In Jamaica, psilocybin retreats are legalized and growing in popularity. People fly in to be dosed, fed, and trip in a safe environment while on vacation. 

Mike Tyson Talks Smoking Toad Toxin and Psychedelics

Will Mike Tyson expand his rapidly growing cannabis brand and hospitality business to psychedelics? It seems that he is thinking about it. In 2019 Mike Tyson was interviewed by Alex Pappedemas for GQ and discussed using 5-MEO-DMT. It is a psychedelic drug created from toad venom, but it can also be compounded synthetically.

Read: Mike Tyson Smokes the Toad”.

Produced by the Bufo alvarius species of toads known as the Sonoran desert or Colorado river toad, the venom produced is a powerful psychedelic. It is also an effective escape strategy for the toads. It is hard to get hunted after your enemy is tripping out from your toxin. The 5-MeO-DMT is related to ayahuasca but described as an express route to altered reality, whereas ayahuasca is a slower trip up the elevator in terms of the psychedelic experience.

Tyson described his trip as life-changing. He stated it was like “dying and coming back to life” psychologically. Mike Tyson shares that he went from the victim in an abusive household as a child to the victimizer. And that he has been using psychedelics and other paths to resolve personal traumas.

It sounds like Tyson already has an appreciation for the cognitive therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. The Colorado River toad is considered to be an endangered species. But so was Mike Tyson until he started to expand his self-care. 

The tough guy found peace. And a passion for wellness that is doing good things for others, and his net worth.

Featured Image: Canva

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