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Alaska CBD Program


When a state legalizes medical marijuana, they don’t just legalize one medicine — they give patients access to a medicine cabinet’s worth of remedies. One beneficial component of marijuana called cannabidiol (CBD) offers relief without a high. Thanks to Alaska’s liberal cannabis la Read More

Talkeetna, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Talkeetna, AK Do you have a chronic or debilitating condition that's causing a variety of symptoms and side effects? Or are you not finding the relief you deserve under your current treatment plan? Regardless of the reasoning behind your decision to pursue medic Read More

Sutton, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Sutton, AK Medical marijuana has been legal in Alaska for quite some time. When legislators passed Ballot Measure 8 back in 1998, it granted residents in the state the right to possess, use and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. Today, individuals with hea Read More

Sterling, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Sterling, AK Alaska boasts a top-quality and advanced healthcare system, granting patients access to some of the best medical resources available within the state. As a patient, you’ll have the choice to select from a myriad of treatment options whenever a hea Read More

Petersburg, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Petersburg, AK In today’s society, marijuana no longer retains its former stigma as a potentially harmful drug. Quite the contrary, cannabis is currently viewed as a viable treatment option that can reduce problematic symptoms and side effects in patients with Read More

North Pole, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in North Pole, AK As a patient, you have options. Fortunately, your choices are even greater in Alaska, because the state grants qualifying individuals access to medical marijuana, too. So, what does this mean for you? Whenever you find yourself frustrated with Read More

Ketchikan, AK Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Ketchikan, AK As a patient seeking medical marijuana to treat your various side effects and symptoms, it’s vital to connect with the right physician who will provide you with the care you need. Below, we’ll discuss how you can find a marijuana-savvy doctor a Read More

Anchorage, AK


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Anchorage, AK In 1998, medical marijuana use was approved in the state of Alaska, granting qualified patients access to the alternative medications necessary to bring them relief. As a city in Alaska, Anchorage residents can obtain various medical marijuana pr Read More

Wasilla, AK


Marijuana Dispensaries in Wasilla, AK Are you drawn to the safe, natural and holistic approaches when it comes to how you treat your health complications or issues? If so, you may be interested in enrolling in Alaska's medical marijuana program. Read on to learn more about medical mariju Read More

Valdez, AK


Marijuana Dispensaries in Valdez, AK When Alaska legalized medical marijuana in 1998, the state carved the pathway for future acceptance toward medical cannabis within the nation. Today, patients in Valdez and the surrounding community can take advantage of the state’s relaxed stance o Read More

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