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Nail-Patella Syndrome


Vaporizing vs. Smoking Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome


When you begin your medical cannabis treatment for your nail-patella syndrome (NPS) symptoms, you have many medication methods to choose from. Unlike many standard medications, you can take your cannabis in a variety of ways. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks you can ta Read More

Can Medical Marijuana Slow Down the Progression of Nail-Patella Syndrome-Related Kidney Disease?


Kidney disease can be a major symptom for patients with nail-patella syndrome (NPS). Since your kidney helps you filter toxins out of your body, having one that doesn’t work well can cause serious harm. But, increasingly more patients are using medical marijuana to manage NPS and kid Read More

Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome-Related Glaucoma


When Nail-patella syndrome (NPS) causes glaucoma, you risk of losing your vision or having it reduced. The pressure created by your glaucoma can also cause pain and discomfort. With a limited number of options presented by traditional medicine, some patients have tried medical marijuan Read More

Medical Marijuana For Nail-Patella Syndrome


Nail-patella syndrome (NPS) isn’t a qualifying condition in most of the states where medical marijuana is legal. However, states like Michigan, Illinois and Maine recognize that the symptoms and complications of this rare disorder make those who suffer from it suitable candidates for m Read More

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