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NSAIDs vs. Cannabis to Treat Hydromyelia


Since most patients with hydromyelia are children with brain-related birth defects, we must take utmost care when thinking about the safest ways to address the condition. While many patients with chronic pain from a condition take strong painkillers, patients often relieve hydromyelia Read More

How Cannabis Oil Helps Young Sufferers of Hydromyelia


It can be difficult to treat a young one with a serious condition. After all, you want them to stay safe, but many treatments and medicines can have risks. Kids with hydromyelia often take pain medication to relieve the pain caused by the pressure on their spine. When over-the-count Read More

Best CBD Strains to Treat Hydromyelia


Hydromyelia patients are often children born with birth defects. This means they can get surgery to avoid further issues, but in the meantime, they can still experience chronic pain. So, many parents of hydromyelia patients look for safe pain relief that avoids the dependency and organ Read More

Medical Marijuana For Hydromyelia


Hydromyelia is a condition affecting the spinal cord and primarily affects children with brain-related birth defects. The condition causes pain and stiffness that can range in severity from mild to severe. Traditional treatment methods come with potentially severe risks, so many patien Read More

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