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Cymbalta and Medical Marijuana


Cymbalta is a drug used for several purposes, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain—conditions that also appear on many state lists of approved uses for medical marijuana. Patients who have been prescribed Cymbalta may have questions that need to be answered, such as whether th Read More

Cannabis Edibles to Help You Lose Weight


When you think of marijuana edibles, what comes to mind first? If you thought of brownies or candy, you have good reason to: Many of the edibles at dispensaries come in the form of sweet treats. For some patients who use them, these edibles’ benefits outweigh the risks posed by high leve Read More

How Exactly Marijuana Calms Your Mind


Fatigue. Restlessness. Sweating. Difficulty concentrating. Racing thoughts. Excessive worry. Fear. Insomnia. Nausea. Palpitations. These are some of the symptoms experienced by the 40 million U.S. adults who suffer from anxiety. The disorder is highly treatable, yet only a fraction of Read More

American Attitudes about Marijuana


A survey of more than 16,000 adults found that many believe marijuana has more benefits than risks. Specifically: Read More

Cannabis and Mental Health


It’s no secret that mental health disorders are sweeping across the nation and the world right now. From conditions like anxiety and depression to mood and eating disorders, these and other conditions are becoming more common than ever. Countless Americans are finding themselves faced wi Read More

Medical Marijuana vs. Antidepressants


In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, which permitted the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As the years progressed, lawmakers in other states began to pass laws regulating the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of various health conditions. To date, more than h Read More

Vaporizing vs. Smoking for Patients With Depression


Now, more than ever, we understand that depression is an illness that can affect anyone at any age. Instead of being stigmatized, patients with the condition are treated with understanding. Those with depression can’t be expected to force themselves into a better frame of mind — they m Read More

Can Cannabis Treat Adolescent Depression?


Depression affects people of all ages. And although we sometimes think of it as an adult mood disorder, it often develops in a person’s adolescence. No matter their age, depression causes persistent feelings of sadness, which often leads to a loss of interest in activities they once enjo Read More

Best Strains of Cannabis to Improve Mood


Treatment is key for patients with major depression. Often those with the disorder feel like it’s something they have to manage on their own, or they’re afraid of people viewing them differently. For this reason, they keep their depressive feelings hidden. Unfortunately, without treatm Read More

How Does Cannabis Manage Major Depression Disorder?


It’s vital that patients with major depression disorder get the treatment they need. Unlike illnesses like cancer or Parkinson’s, it’s easy for individuals with depression to hide their condition. But without help, depressive symptoms can worsen and even lead to serious complications Read More

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