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Medical Cannabis Network News Announces Revolutionary New Application Technology to Report Patient Efficacies Using Medicinal Cannabis


titration 1

This mobile application utilizes graphic based metrics to provide both patients and doctors with further, factual understanding regarding ailments, cannabis strains, dosage levels, symptoms and ultimate pain relief, lending further insight toward the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, of the Medical Cannabis Network, is proud to announce the reporting and integration of its most... Read more Creates World’s First Patient Condition Tracking Software for Medicinal Marijuana Industry


MD Medicine newest upgrade to its mobile application will give its physician network the unique ability to analyze the efficacies of medicinal cannabis with metric based reporting in regards to time, date, symptom type, symptom severity, ailment type, strain type, dosage level . The report will plot these points against the use of conventional medication to help physicians better... Read more

Premiering Next Month, First Annual Connecticut Cannabis Convention



Doug Breakstone is a Connecticut lawyer who was once a medical marijuana producer and caregiver. Disheartened by the lack of educational information disseminated throughout the industry, he decided at one point in time that being a producer was not for him. After always feeling that people on all sides of the medical marijuana spectrum have been met with shortcomings when it came to absorbing all... Read more

ABCs Shark Tank Contestant shows Promising Potential to Improving Healthcare System


Shark Tank

Browsing through a blog chronicling the popular ABC television show, Shark Tank, I came across an interesting contestant, Patients Like Me. is a website that enables patients to input their diagnoses, symptoms, treatment and other medical experiences into the system and then compare this information with other patients experiencing the same. Patients can view other patients by... Read more

Medical Marijuana Doctors Software Management Suite


The mastermind’s that brought you MarijuanaDoctors - the medical marijuana industry’s first online search and booking platform for medical marijuana evaluations, and Cheeba - the first comprehensive search portal for everything related to marijuana, now feature the future of functionality for subscribers of MarijuanaDoctors, DeskDocMD. DeskDocMD is a truly innovative application that... Read more

Press Release: Gives Marijuana Companies the Green Light to Advertise Online


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Industry’s very first marijuana-based search engine offers opportunities for canna-businesses to enter the online display advertising space that has widely banned marijuana-related companies Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 29, 2011: Online display advertising is quickly becoming the dominant marketing strategy for U.S. companies, with almost half of American marketers slated to... Read more

Brisco is the New Face of our Sister Company, 420


As many of you may know, our parent company, The Medical Cannabis Network (MCN), runs a number of innovative products and services that serve the medical marijuana industry. One such site is 420Petition, the POT platform of our people, for our people, by our people. We thought we’d take a moment to share some exciting 420Petition news: Miami-based hip-hop artist British Mitchell, a/k/a... Read more Partners with VTE Global

04-25-2011 is growing, thanks to our partnership with VTE Global, our new national sales partner. The seasoned sales firm will jump start our growth by signing up physicians from all 15 states that have passed medical marijuana laws permitting the use of cannabis by seriously ill patients. Not only will VTE Global be signing up new physicians up with’s... Read more

One Month After the Earthquake, Show Japan Cannabis Cares



Cannabis Cares: 420 Bracelets to Support Japan Today marks one month from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that caused devastating damage in Japan. Millions of Japanese stood in a moment of silence today to remember the thousands of people who died or are missing. We thought we’d take a moment to share an opportunity to help, and to show them that Cannabis Cares. Our hearts... Read more

Weed Team Update: Contest Winners Announced!


Over the past 6 months, has enlisted people across the country who are passionate about medical marijuana to spread the word and win cool prizes. Now we are pleased to announce the winners! Grand Prize Round 1: Trip for two to the Cannabis Cup + Judges Passes Winner: Natasha DeBeauviser Watson, 1,080 pts. Grand Prize Trip #2: Trip for two to the Cannabis Cup + Judges... Read more