How to Make and Use Marijuana Flour

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/19/2017 in Recipes

How to Make and Use Marijuana Flour

You go to your local dispensary and check out the edibles — so many goodies! If you’re the frugal type, you might find some of them too expensive and opt for traditional weed instead. Or, you might feel inspired to make your own.

Then, you wonder — how do you make homemade edibles without large chunks of weed in them? Somehow, the edible bakers manage to make them taste more like their non-weed counterparts.

Weedhack: Marijuana Flour

While not every edible recipe includes it, a lot of baked goods feature marijuana flour. It integrates the marijuana in the goodie to ensure a consistent and subtle flavor.

But, don’t get out the mill — you can easily make marijuana flour in the comfort of your home. If you have some dry bud and something to grind it up with, you have everything you need.

The Perks of Using Marijuana Flour

Marijuana flour can make your edible-cooking adventures much easier for you. Here’s how:

  • DIY marijuana flour is a great way to use up dry bud. In fact, the best marijuana flour uses the driest bud possible to prevent it from getting moldy too quickly.
  • Cannabis flour makes the whole house smell like weed. Some marijuana chefs like to use weed butter or oil in their recipes, but they have a distinct odor that you or your neighbors might not appreciate.
  • Marijuana flour can replace wheat flour. If you’d like, you can replace all the flour in your recipe with your marijuana flour. You can even use it as a gluten-free alternative!
  • You can adjust it to suit your marijuana tolerance. The dispensary you go to might not have edibles with the amount of marijuana you like. Or, maybe you’re experimenting with different ratios to find that sweet spot.
  • Making your own marijuana flour saves you money. Like many foods, creating your own marijuana treats costs a lot less than buying them pre-made.

You can replace all the flour in your recipe with marijuana flour

Are you sold yet? If you want to try making your own marijuana flour, we’ll walk you through the process.

How to Make Your Own Marijuana Flour

Crafting marijuana flour is as easy as three steps:

  • Step One — Sort Your Bud: To make the tastiest weed flour possible, you should pick out as many seeds and stems as you can. Make sure it’s dry, too! Higher-quality bud tends to have less stems and seeds already, but you can work with whatever you already have.
  • Step Two — Grind Your Bud: Now it’s time to take out your spice mill, coffee grinder or other appliance that can finely grind things. If you want to feel extra artisan, you can even use a mortar and pestle. Grind up the bud until it turns into a fine powder, like the consistency of wheat flour.
  • Step Three — Store and Use: Put your new marijuana flour in a tightly-sealed container and store it somewhere cool and dark. To adjust a recipe to account for your marijuana flour, fully or partially substitute the amount of wheat flour with marijuana flour.

How to Use Your Marijuana Flour

It’s time to put your chef hat on and cook some tasty edibles. If you need some inspiration for what to make, here are some healthy ideas:

  • Use it in your morning pancakes or waffles. For extra health benefits, spread with almond butter and add some fruit.
  • Mix it into homemade granola or snack bars. Not only will you have a portable snack, you can take advantage of the added fiber and nutrients. But remember, you can’t use marijuana in public, and that includes eating edibles.
  • Sprinkle it into your oatmeal or smoothies.
  • In fact, you can sprinkle it on top of many healthy meals if you don’t mind the appearance and taste. For instance, add some on top of roast vegetables.
  • Mix it into your salad dressing. It’ll add even more color to a veggie-loaded salad.

If you want something more indulgent, we have some recipes in mind, too:

  • You know we have to mention it somewhere — use your flour to make pot brownies! They can satisfy your chocolate cravings while giving you the medicine you need.
  • That also goes for other baked goods like cookies, cake and pie.
  • Mix it into a creamy béchamel sauce for pasta alfredo or mac and cheese.
  • Add it to breading for recipes like chicken wings or crusted salmon.

As you can see, marijuana flour acts as both flour and a supplement. You can use it for flour-based recipes or add it to an existing recipe.

What to Keep in Mind When Using Marijuana Flour

Although marijuana flour can work miracles in the kitchen, you still need to take the precautions you would with other marijuana products. Remember the following warnings:

  • Don’t share your edibles with other patients. You and your doctor have decided on a medication that works best for you, and you may have used a marijuana card to buy it.
  • It’s illegal to eat your edibles in public. No matter where you live, legal states prohibit the public use of marijuana at the time of writing. If you have a snack with you, you can carry it with your marijuana card, but don’t eat it in a public area.
  • Eat a little at a time. This is especially important if you haven’t eaten an edible before. Edibles slowly absorb in your system, so some patients make the mistake of eating more when they haven’t felt any effects right away. Eating too much weed can have serious side effects!
  • Add one dose or under to each serving. You don’t want to find yourself eating too much medication at a time.

How Effective Is Marijuana Flour?

Many factors go into the way a recipe with marijuana flour will affect you. It serves as a great additive for your meals and saves you money. But, if you don’t use it carefully, it can harm you more than help you.

Like any edible, careful experimentation is key to understanding whether marijuana flour will work for you. If possible, work closely with your doctor and/or dispensary staff to ensure you don’t make a dosing mistake.

Learn More About Medical Marijuana

The pros know what’s best. Find a marijuana doctor near you for more information about making your own marijuana flour.

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