Infused Drinks May Revitalize the Beverage Industry

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/14/2020 in News

Infused Drinks May Revitalize the Beverage Industry marijuana doctors

The most exciting infused innovations are happening in the most unexpected times. The beverage industry needs great changes. According to a consumer report, the past five years have seen 25 of the top U.S. beverage companies experiencing a whopping $18 billion loss on the market share. 

Craft beer, spirits, and low-calorie drinks are becoming the preferred choice. Millennials which make the most significant percentage of customers are currently seeking healthier alternatives. They are opting for lower calorie alcoholic drinks. 

A good example is the hard-seltzer brand White Claw that generated more than $1 billion in sales last year. This company is currently experiencing triple-digit growth rates. According to Grand View Research’s estimate, the craft soda-low-calorie and all-natural soda brands with unique packaging might become a $732.4billion market by 2025. This is because more consumers are embracing healthier alternatives. 

Many investors are showing interest in capitalizing on these market trends. They are reviewing the countless investment opportunities in this booming market. One investment sector that has generated widespread interest is the cannabidiol infused beverages. These beverages seem to be one of the most influential trends in the beverage sector. 

What’s Not to Love About Healthy Infused High-Dration? 

Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD, is a popular wellness product in the U.S.  This is evident by the many cannabis retail stores offering  CBD-infused products. According to a study by JAMA, there were 6.4 million searches for CBD on Google. Industry sales also soared past 1 billion. The research indicated that most consumers use products to relieve pain, manage stress, and reduce insomnia. 

There are various types of CBD-infused products, but beverages are becoming the fastest-growing market. The most popular is the ready-to-drink hemp-based CBD beverages that offer a great experience. The ingredients used in this drink got approved as part of the Farm Bill that removed hemp from the DEA’s Controlled Substances list. 

Investors need to pay close attention to teams behind CBD-infused products. This is so that they can determine their likelihood of success in the market. 

A good example is the CBD beverage pioneer, Innoviom.  A team of beverage industry legends runs Innoviom. These legends come from career backgrounds and leadership in companies like Coca-Cola, Diageo, Red Bull, and PepsiCo. 

The Opposite of an 5-Hour Energy Shot

THC-infused beverages will have a very different effect on a consumer compared to CBD-infused beverages. For example, Innoviom’s Wowie beverages are infused with a mix of CBD and adaptogens to enhance the feeling of calmness and relaxation and not the high. The beverages are also available in various popular flavors.

Innoviom also has the Wowie Shots to meet the current consumer demand for shot-based beverages. When 5-Hour Energy could generate a billion dollars yearly in sales in their efforts to target consumers looking for a quick energy boost, Innoviom counts on consumers who need a quick dose of calmness and relaxation in their lives. This will get Innoviom a vast market share for sure. 

Instead of a shot to keep you going when you are putting in extra late-night time at your desk, the Wowie Shots could help you take it down a notch. They can relieve stress and promote a better quality of sleep. 

Cannabinoid-infused beverages will no doubt, become a significant portion of the total market. They have also become one of the fastest-growing subsets. According to industry analysis, the market could reach $2.8 billion in sales by 2025. 

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