First Nationwide Medical Marijuana Study Starts

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/05/2016 in Research and Studies

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First Nationwide Medical Marijuana Study Starts

227,883 Medical Marijuana Patients to Sign Up For The Country’s First Cannabis Peer- Review Study

The country’s first nationwide medical marijuana study starts extending an invitation to 227,883 qualified medical marijuana card holders to sign up for the first-of-its-kind, crowd-sourced cannabis peer-review study designed to examine and document data, that will prove marijuana is medicine. Additionally, the invitation has been extended to 464 marijuana doctors in order to give physicians an opportunity to monitor and review their patient’s progress while also increasing their understanding of the patient’s medical ailment, and providing added insights on how to more effectively treat them. Marijuana doctors are now in a position to voice their opinions as industry-experts, based on the documented data of the Symptom Tracker.

 Total Number of Medical Marijuana Patients: 227,883 

The titration data will be used to determine what marijuana strains are most effective at treating which medical ailments, conditions and symptoms, in addition to understanding which method of delivery results in the optimal alleviation of the patient’s medical circumstances.

The aptly named “Symptom Tracker” is accessible through a mobile app powered by the technology company, MarijuanaDoctors.com, and will be a core focus of the organization’s monthly newsletter updating readers on the study’s progress, and titration-data findings accompanied by easy-to-understand graphs detailing the demographics, as they pertain to each ailment.

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Total Number of Medical Marijuana Patient Newsletter Subscribers: 65,508

Total Number of Medical Marijuana Doctor Newsletter Subscribers: 544

Making its debut in the company’s October 2016 Symptom Tracker Newsletter, the invitation will be virtually delivered to a test market of over 65,000 patients, who are already double-opted in as qualified medical marijuana card-holding patients and individuals actively awaiting legalization in states that are not legal yet, and more than 500 physicians in the company’s nationwide network.

map trackerMedical Marijuana Newsletter Doctor Subscribers by State and Medical Marijuana Newsletter Subscriber by Gender

The tracker’s results are graphically sorted according to states and individual condition symptoms, allowing patients to easily monitor the study’s results as they pertain directly to the symptoms, that the patient is most affected by. With these added insights, patients are able to then have a more in-depth conversation with their physician, in efforts to better understand and manage their symptoms, while improving on the current quality of their life.

And while the Symptom Tracker is one of the core features of the company’s new mobile app, it is just as easily and conveniently accessed by a logging in via the company’s mobile site and online website, as well.


Medical Marijuana Demographics by Ailment

The BETA launch of the tracking application has produced immediate results from the crowd-sourced data under the ailments of chronic pain, severe nausea, anxiety disorders, sleep apnea, and seizures. Patients also have the ability to filter the data and cross-reference charts and graphs against similar scenarios based on the patient’s specific symptom(s), gender, age, and whether or not they have health insurance.

The updates featured in the monthly newsletter will include demographically aggregated data according to age; gender; state of residence; method of consumption; elected smoking device; and the traditional prescription medications that patients with similar conditions/symptoms are taking, in conjunction with the alternative treatment of medical marijuana.

more demographics

Medical Marijuana Patients by Age Group and Health Insurance

As a result of the network’s well-cemented organic digital footprint, the company is the position to conduct a crowd-sourced cannabis peer-reviews study, collecting the data necessary to prove that marijuana is medicine, so as to help change the federal scheduling of cannabis to allow for scientific research and study that will essentially lead to new breakthroughs in medicine, and the ability to heal people.

Cannabis (and THC) is currently classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance — along with the likes of Heroin (diacetylmorphine), LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or “ecstasy”), GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), Methaqualone (Quaalude), Khat (Cathinone), and Bath Salts (3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV) — because the federal government continues to claim that cannabis not only has a high potential for abuse, but that it also currently has NO accepted use for medical treatment in the United States.

The company’s resources and services are responsible for helping to create a large portion of the medical marijuana market-share, especially in states on the east coast where medical marijuana laws have been more stringent and restrictive. The crowd-sourced cannabis peer-review study also gives patients in these states, the ability to now actively play a significant role in helping further expand their state’s restrictive program, thereby allowing more patients with other debilitating conditions, access to their state’s medical marijuana program.

With a dominant presence among the more medically restrictive medical marijuana state programs, like New York — a state that MarijuanaDoctors.com is responsible for personally creating a significant percentage of both the state’s medical marijuana patients, and medical marijuana doctors — the medical marijuana program only allows for a short list of specific debilitating and terminal conditions, in addition to only allowing a limited number of cannabis products and consumption methods.

ailment stats

 Medical Marijuana Patients by Ailments, in New York

In the state for example, the tech company already has 51 qualified New York marijuana doctors in it’s network, and has officially helped over 2,050 patients become qualified NY medical marijuana card holders, since the program’s start in January, 2016. Furthermore, the company also has more than 13,478 patients desperately awaiting entry into the New York Medical Marijuana Program for debilitating conditions including chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Symptom Tracker is focused on helping to bridge the understanding between doctors, patients, and their related medical conditions, in efforts to ultimately allow patients to enjoy a greater quality of life. And the more patients and physicians use the mobile tracking tool, the more information the study will be able accrue and aggregate daily, weekly, and monthly.

If you use marijuana medicinally, take a stand on behalf of patients everywhere and register to be a part the first-ever nationwide crowd-sourced cannabis peer-review study, and be a part of the data that will help to prove, that MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE.

No Information on MarijuanaDoctors.Com should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. You can view our Full Disclaimer here.

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