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Medical Marijuana Doctors in New York

In 2014, Governor Cuomo enacted the Compassionate Care Act of New York State, which allows people suffering debilitating health problems to legally use medical marijuana for relief of severe symptoms. According to the New York’s Department of Health website, nearly 850 medical marijuana doctors in NY are registered with the program and over 12,000 patients have had recommendations written by their NY marijuana doctor. Primary care physicians who require another recommendation by a specialist can find these doctors at or the NYDOH website.

Before a NY resident can begin using medical marijuana, a licensed New York marijuana doctor must diagnose them with a debilitating and/or life-threatening condition. Conditions qualifying for MMJ include:

PTSD was added to the list of qualifying conditions in November 2017 in honor of Veterans Day.  Opioid usage was added to the list of qualifying conditions in June 2018. In July 2018, emergency regulations were issues by the New York State Department of Health that would make any condition for which opioids could be prescribed a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Any physician registered with the NYDOH’s medical marijuana program is qualified to issue recommendations for medical cannabis use. People interested in finding a registered doctor can find one on this website and schedule an appointment with the doctor of their choice.

Like several other states, New York has a committee of physicians and scientists who regularly meet to discuss new information about severe health issues not included on the current list of qualifying conditions. Some of the disorders being considered for inclusion as a qualifying condition include Alzheimer’s disease and dystonia. When this committee finds that conclusive evidence exists indicating that medical marijuana will definitely provide relief for symptoms of debilitating illnesses, the committee expects to act quickly to include these diseases as qualifying conditions.

New York medical marijuana doctors can write recommendations for patients to obtain cannabis oil and liquids meant for self-administration via inhaler or vaporization only. Under the Compassionate Care Act of NY, medical cannabis patients are not permitted to smoke marijuana. All certifications written by NY marijuana doctors include the type of marijuana strain best suited to relieve a patient’s symptoms, form of MMJ desired by the patient and any potential limitations concerning the use of the cannabis product. Dosage recommendations are not required but can be included in the document. Medical marijuana doctors in New York are permitted to write recommendations for up to a 30-day supply of cannabis products.

If you receive a recommendation from one our New York marijuana doctors listed at and are unable to obtain marijuana due to mobility or cognitive issues, you can designate one or two caregivers to represent you at a dispensary. Designated caregivers must register with NY Department of Health before obtaining medical cannabis on someone’s behalf.

Find New York Marijuana Doctors Online individually verifies all New York medical marijuana doctors listed on our site to ensure patients are provided with compliant recommendations. We also help patients through the steps of obtaining a NY medical marijuana card and assist physicians in reaching as many patients as possible. We’re often asked about the legality of medical marijuana because cultivation, possession and use remain illegal at the federal level. We provide in-depth information about MMJ regulations and perspectives regarding this issue for each U.S. state because of the conflict between federal vs state marijuana laws.

Feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns about navigating our interface or completing various actions offered on our website.

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