Self-Care Sunday

Can Cannabis Help Cure a Hangover?


Imagine the proverbial night out with friends that was a bit too festive, leaving you to wake up the next morning with the all-too-familiar aftermath: a pounding headache, an upset stomach, and a body crying out for hydration.  Hangovers are an unwelcome guest that follow a night of he Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Bust Inflammation With a Healthier Diet


I don't know about anyone else, but DoorDash may have become my best friend during the pandemic. For a variety of reasons. As someone who is immune-compromised, I have tried to reduce my exposure. And that meant rethinking my daily and weekly habits. But I never really thought about infl Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Screen Time and Digital Detoxing


According to a new study, the average person will spend up to 34 years of their life looking at screens? We have to admit; we were pretty surprised at that statistic too. But when you think about how many times you are staring into a monitor, a smartphone, television, or laptop, it makes Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Pairing Rich Terpenes and Cannabis


If you watch VICE, you have probably seen a show or two about cannabis restaurants. They are very few right now across the United States. Federal prohibition and food safety regulations conflict (go figure) and presents a challenge to chefs who want to provide cannabis-infused gourmet mea Read More

Self-Care Sunday: YouTube Yoga for Stress Relief


The Self-Care Sunday series from provides insights and creative how-to suggestions to help everyone put personal wellness first. Do you have a suggested topic for our editorial team? Email us at: Nothing has challenged the limits o Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Curing Covid ‘Groundhog Day’ Syndrome


America is celebrating the worst anniversary ever. It has been just over a year since the Covid-19 coronavirus arrived. And with it changes to normal life, at every level. From employment to entertainment, how we shop, work, eat and socialize. For some families, the pandemic resulted i Read More

Self-Care Sunday: The Stoner’s Guide to Self-Indulging on Valentine’s Day


If you are single, Valentine’s Day marks the end of the trifecta of couple-focused holidays. First, there is the December holiday season. Followed by New Years’ (which, for most people, this year was celebrated on the couch anyhow). Then Valentine’s Day. It’s not that sing Read More

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