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Can Cannabis Help You Quit Nicotine?


In a world where smoking cessation is a battle many face, a surprising ally emerges from the haze – cannabis. Could the plant that's been both celebrated and stigmatized hold the key to breaking free from nicotine addiction? Let's explore the science behind an unconventional approach to Read More

Can Cannabis Consumption Lead to a Hormonal Imbalance?


As positive cannabis reform sweeps across America, more people are starting to ask valid questions about cannabis consumption. Questions such as, can cannabis consumption lead to a hormonal imbalance? Years ago, people would have responded to questions like this with hearsay and opinions. Read More

Rick Simpson Oil Unveiled: The Science, Stories, and Potential of RSO


If you’ve ever been to a marijuana dispensary, you’re probably familiar with the wealth of new cannabis products that hit the market every day. But one highly potent — and often homemade — cannabis oil has been getting more attention: RSO. RSO, better known as Rick Simpson Oi Read More

Marijuana and Hair Loss: Gift or Curse


Hair today, bald tomorrow! At least, that’s one of many thoughts that run across the minds of individuals dealing with hair loss prematurely or unexpectedly. One of the biggest concerns in the cannabis community involves marijuana usage and hair loss. With rumors and limited evidence Read More

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