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Medical Marijuana in Retirement Homes


It's always the people you'd least expect to use a product who would benefit the most from it. Cannabis and the elderly are a perfect example of this. Seniors often battle many symptoms medical marijuana can treat, such as pain and inflammation. And since many people are not diagnosed with Read More

Medical Marijuana for Elderly Pain Treatment


The golden years of a person’s life should be filled with the joy of family, the excitement of retirement and the chance to take it easy and enjoy new pursuits. Unfortunately, for many elderly, these years are tainted by chronic pain. Instead of tackling a new hobby, those who suffer fro Read More

Home “Pot Parties” for the Elderly


This century has brought plenty of developments in the world of medical marijuana. More states are legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use as time goes on. Negative attitudes and misconceptions about marijuana are also being countered with more research and advocacy. As can Read More

Medical Marijuana for Your Aging Parents


You want the best for your parents, especially as they reach their senior years. Many health issues can arise with age, and sometimes, pharmaceuticals just don’t cut it. In some cases, they hurt patients more than they help them due to dependency, side effects and other risks. But, what Read More

How Seniors and the Elderly Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana


While we’re well past the era of “reefer madness,” folks seem to still have plenty of misconceptions about cannabis. As an elderly patient, you may wonder about the developments in medicinal cannabis over the years. You might even consider trying it out. It turns out that not only ca Read More

10 Things Elderly Should Know About Medical Marijuana


Aging is a part of the natural process of life, which can grant us wisdom and experience, but it also comes hand in hand with a variety of physical changes that can be less pleasant to deal with. As the baby boom generation reaches its senior years, making a large segment of the population Read More

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