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Marijuana and Male Fertility: What You Need to Know


For men who enjoy smoking a little weed, but fear it could affect their fertility, new research may help ease those concerns. A new study published in the journal Human Reproduction has found that marijuana may not be so bad after all, when it comes to men’s health. In fact, men who had Read More

Ask a Marijuana Doctor:  How to Use Medical Marijuana for Pain 


Dr. Joseph Rosado is an experienced physician who specializes in Physical Therapy & Alternative Addiction Therapy/Management. caught up with him at his Florida practice to discuss how and why medical cannabis is an ideal choice for treating all kinds of pain.    Read More

Your Guide to CBD and Summer Skin Care


Stroll through the online skin care aisle and you’re likely to find an increasing bounty of products containing cannabidiol (CBD). Found in cannabis and hemp, CBD won’t produce a high when consumed like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can, the active ingredient in marijuana, but it may alte Read More

Doctor Resources: How to Get Certified to Recommend Medical Marijuana


The burgeoning cannabis field is an exciting frontier for patients and physicians, but it’s also fraught with liabilities and unknowns. Constantly changing state and local regulations make the prospect of recommending medical marijuana to patients a daunting, or even risky, prospect for Read More

Marijuana News Roundup 


Keeping you up to date on federal and state policy changes and other news from the world of cannabis. House: DoJ Can’t Interfere with Legal Marijuana States Marijuana policy activists are celebrating as a historic vote in the House of Representatives restricted the Department of Justice Read More

In the Dispensary: All About Concentrates


Both the popularity and demand for cannabis concentrates have increased as restrictive state laws have relaxed, and not surprisingly, so have options available to consumers. Basically, cannabis concentrates are made by separating resin from the flowers, to obtain concentrated amounts of th Read More

Budtenders vs Doctors: Who to ask What?


Medical marijuana is legal in 47 states. Yet because it’s still federally illegal, it hasn’t been studied in large-scale clinical trials. Consequently, we have a lot to learn about medical marijuana, such as proper dosing, side effects and how cannabis fits into the big picture of your Read More

Cannabis for Every Type of Headache


Nearly everyone (96%) experiences a headache at some point in life. Repeated  headaches are considered a disorder. By far the most common type is tension headaches, which affect by 40% of the U.S. population each year, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Associatio Read More

How CBD can Improve Men’s Health at Every Age


Cannabidiol (CBD), a key component of the marijuana or hemp plant, is becoming a mainstream treatment for almost everything. But what can CBD really do for you? This decade-by-decade guide to improving your health with CBD highlights the latest medical research. See full infographic here. Read More

Ask a Marijuana Doctor: How to Get the Most Out of Your Appointment for Medical Cannabis


How does one go about getting a licence for medical marijuana? Is it best to go through your own doctor, or start fresh with a specialized cannabis physician? Dr. Koffler:  Most people do not go through their own medical doctor for a marijuana recommendation, and the reasons for that Read More

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