7 Weed Apps to Bust Quarantine Boredom

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/01/2021 in Medical Marijuana

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Now that the political news has wound down to a soft roar, what else is there to do for entertainment? Around this time last year, we were all under the impression that the Covid-19 virus was going to be gone when the nice weather arrived. Kind of like the flu, which seems to back off by the time Spring gets here. 

We are now thirteen months into the first global pandemic since 1918. No one could work from home over one-hundred years ago. And they didn’t have Netflix. Or Amazon Prime. By now, most of us have already plowed through organizing our homes, cleaning (and more cleaning), and possibly color-coded your Xbox games on a shelf. And considered buying stock in hand sanitizer.

Boredom. Zoom and Facetime are better than nothing, but most of us are really feeling like…we need something else to do to occupy our time. Besides Elder Scrolls. Luckily, game developers have been hard at work to create some fun new weed games. 

Marijuana Doctors does not endorse illegal or criminal activity pertaining to cannabis or other controlled substances. Some weed game apps are educational, and others simply encourage creativity and your own imagination. And a little bit of weed 101.

Weed Apps to Keep You Entertained

Here are our picks for the most entertaining new cannabis culture and game apps you can download to bust that quarantine boredom.

Photo Credit: simLeaf.com

1. simLeaf

Ever thought of a career change and a new job in the cannabis industry? From an educational perspective, the simLeaf app teaches you how to grow weed. It’s been called the best simulated grow app in existence. We downloaded it and played it. Then we remembered why it’s better to visit a dispensary if you are one of those people who have zero growing skills.

The simLeaf app is a game. But along the way, it teaches you the different aspects of growing pot. So, if you have your medical card (and are legally permitted to home-grow) or if you live in a state with recreational weed, you’re going to love it. Think of it as a primer before you build your space bucket(s) at home.

Download the app here.

Weed games
Weed Tycoon
Photo Credit: Weed Tycoon | Facebook

2. Weed Tycoon is the Monopoly of Weed Apps

Maybe you are less of a fantasy grower and more the CEO type. Do you have big dreams of dominating the market as a city or statewide dispensary? Weed Tycoon is a game where you can apply your business and marketing chops. 

Choose your seeds to grow your cannabis products and sell them in your very own dispensary. It’s a fun game for people who have that entrepreneurial drive. It is not multiplayer (yet), but you can still compete with your friends. The first one to build twenty-dispensaries and $50 million in sales wins!

Weed games

Download the app here.

heech and chong budfarm
Photo Credit: Cheech and Chong Budfarm (Zendesk)

3. Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

Don’t call it a comeback; they’ve been here for years. But now, you get to dive into an adventure on your smartphone with the “Cheech and Chong Bud Farm” app. Take a trip back to the 1970s with both celebrity characters, as they get stranded in the hamlet of “Hierba Verde” (Green Herb).

Help Cheech and Chong win over the ‘crooked’ Mayor and start their cannabis empire. Escape the clutches of Stadanko, who wants to put them in jail for life. This game gets even funnier after a few puffs. It is one of our favorite weed apps.

Weed games

Download the app here.

4. BudTrimmer is One of Those Challenging Weed Apps

Did you get an Xbox Kinect box so that you could play Fruit Ninja on your TV? BudTrimmer is the same experience but on your phone. The app is a challenging, fast-paced test of your skill to trim cannabis bud professionally.

BudTrimmer has two game modes for single and multiplayer. You get to grow your own weed, and then you have to choose the right tools to trim and cut the flower into a sellable bud. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. But it is really entertaining. Who is a better BudTrimmer? You or your best buds?

Weed games

Download the app here.

5. Dope Wars (Weed Edition)

When we played Dope Wars, we felt it was similar to Monopoly. The same strategy: it is all about becoming the top supplier in the fictional city. What is interesting about Dope Wars is how they nail some of the things about cannabis culture. The neighborhood weed dealer and relationships element.

Don’t ignore the ‘crazy lady.’ She is your ticket to a bigger trench coat with deeper pockets. Essential to growing your empire! Marijuana Doctors does not endorse illegal or criminal activity pertaining to cannabis or other controlled substances. 

Weed games

Download the app here.

iSmoke Weed Game
Photo Credit: iSmoke: Weed HD | Facebook

6. iSmoke: Weed HD

Tired of smoking in your living room, backyard, or balcony? It is not like you can just stroll down the street or head to a local park to smoke weed. Even in recreational states, you have to be discreet. That’s why they invented patchouli incense and smokeless ashtrays. 

In the iSmoke: Weed HD, you go through all the motions of rolling your joint, packing your bowl, and then the big … ahhhh! Beautiful graphics capture different locations and scenery. Cast it to your tv from your smartphone, and you could find it better to meditate with than YouTube yoga. As far as weed apps go, it has cool relaxing tunes too.

Weed games

Download the app here.

Mass Roots Download
Photo Credit: Mass Roots | Facebook

7. Mass Roots

It has been called the Instagram of weed. Mass Roots isn’t a game but a social network of cannabis fans. People who are not familiar with different strains of cannabis can get reviews and information posted by other users. And people who have just got their medical card can find a lot of information from other patients using cannabis to treat health problems.

If you have a medical card, or you live in a state with legalized adult-use, enjoy! But, if you don’t meet either one of those criteria, think twice. Some users have said that law enforcement browses the site. And not to harsh your mellow, but they can also track you down by your smartphone IP. Probably a good thing to remember while you are downloading weed apps.

Other than that legal liability warning we’re obliged to share, it’s a really amazing app. You’re going to learn things about cannabis you never knew and hear about new strains first from experts across the country.

Weed games

Download the app here.

Featured Image: Lifestock (Canva)

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