Doctors Guide – Chapter 5

Most Common Qualifying Conditions

Please refer to our State-Specific Doctor Education Kits for each state’s specific requirements for patient eligibility, such as:

Most commonly associated symptoms:

Qualification Criteria and Verification for Medical Professionals

For physicians to legally recommend medical cannabis, they must meet the state-specific requirements. As such, to join our trusted nationwide network of certifying physicians, we make sure to verify the credentials of any practitioner who will be seeing our patients.

State-specific laws for medical professionals vary. To certify a patient for a state-operated medical marijuana program, a practitioner must:

  • Be registered with the Department of Health to issue a certification
  • Confirm that the patient has a qualifying medication condition either by diagnosing the patient if qualified to do so or review his/her current medical records and/or past treatments relevant to his/her qualifying diagnosis
  • Maintain a bona fide or ongoing relationship with the patient
  • Determine whether medical cannabis treatment may benefit the patient’s current medical