Doctors Guide – Chapter 3

Choose as Your Online Medical Cannabis Doctor-Patient Portal seeks to connect qualifying patients with compassionate, licensed cannabis-friendly physicians. We strive to help doctors who believe in the power of medicinal marijuana to assist their patients — and make some money while they’re at it. We do not promote the casual or recreational use of pot or any other prescription medication. We condone the use of cannabis only as a medication in accordance with state law, as it is a proven treatment for many medical conditions.

do not promote casual marijuana usage

As one of the most high-tech medicinal cannabis appointment portals for doctors, we know our services will benefit your practice in numerous ways.

Medical Marijuana Software Solutions for Physicians

Becoming a member has its benefits:


  • Basic Membership: Public Listing of a single location, which includes a Search Engine-Optimized (SEO) custom profile page complete with unique content. $300.00/Month (After Upfront Period of 2 Months)


  • Standard Membership: Basic Membership plus Automated Technology Suite, including Appointment Scheduling System With Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, Patient Manager & Calendar Integration. $895.00/Month (After Upfront Period of 2 Months)


  • Premium Membership: Standard Membership plus Automatic Appointment Reminders (E-Mail & Text), Telehealth Platform (Applicable states only), Ratings & Reviews on your profile to attract more patients & a Digital Phone Line. The Digital Phone Line service allows a vanity number (that connects to the phone number you designate) to be displayed on the profile to attract even more patients Patients can now easily reach out to the office directly to ask any questions or book an appointment. Reports and notifications are emailed directly to the office to track and follow up with patients. Membership also includes Doctor Resources including State Specific Patient In-Take Forms, Medical Cannabis Guides & MarijuanaDoctors.Com Brochures. $1,250.00/Month (After Upfront Period of 2 Months)

featured city membership

  • Featured City Membership: Premium Membership that appears highlighted on the state page (in chronological order) and will always appear at the top of search results for zip codes within a specific city limits and for City Drop-down searches.*

featured state membership

  • Featured State Membership: Premium Membership where profile will always appear in designated placement on the state page and all search results.*

  • Featured Nationwide Telemedicine Membership: Premium Membership where profile will always appear in designated placement on all state pages and in search results within the states that allow Telemedicine without restrictions.*

featured national sponsorship membership

  • Featured National Sponsorship Membership: Premium Membership where profile will always appear in designated placement for all search results for any city or zip code within the United States and will have a featured presence on the website.


  • Producers/Dispensary Membership: Annual Listing for Producers/Dispensaries is available and is highly effective in connecting you with patients and physicians near your location.

*Placement for Zip Code/City searches is based on availability and negotiated price.