White OG Strain

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White OG has gained immense popularity across the world, due to it being a hybrid of two immensely popular strains. White OG was produced as a result of a cross between The White and SVF OG Kush. The White OG has one of the highest THC contents in the entire world, with it measuring out anywhere between 26% and 24%. 

The buds of the White OG are forest green in color and covered with a layer of milky white trichomes and bright orange hairs. The aroma associated with this strain is slightly citrusy and sweet, with distinct undertones of an earthy and musky smell. The buds are sweet and lemony to taste and leave a unique aftertaste of winter greens.  

The high from White OG can only be described as extremely and powerfully sedative. The first rush of high will leave you completely non-functional and numb. Within a few, you are left hazy, confused, and in search of the bed closest to you. This strain is recommended for non-experienced individuals as well, as there are no other effects experienced apart from sleeping, allowing them to be at ease.

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