Vanilla Kush Strain

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The Vanilla Kush strain originates from the Kashmir Valley of India. It is a dominantly Indica hybrid strain, which was obtained as a result of a cross between Hash Plant and an unknown Kush from Afghanistan. The aroma associated with it is rather sweet and calming, as deciphered easily from its name. Some strains of the Vanilla Kush have been tested at more than 20% THC content, making it a rather strong and potent strain of cannabis.

The Vanilla Kush strain reacts more with your body than your mind, making your body lazy and tired while your brain remains active. Most users have reported falling asleep within minutes of consuming this strain. However, a few users have reported that if they are able to fight off this sensation, they are rewarded with intense creative bursts.

Due to this effect, Vanilla Kush is a popular choice for individuals in creative streams. Inexperienced users should use this strain carefully. The relatively high THC content and its unique effects can knock you out for hours or leave you feeling edgy and paranoid.

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