Dr. Grinspoon Strain

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This marijuana strain is a product made from a combination of sativas Oregon Purple Thai and Panama Red. The name of this strain has been dedicated to the renowned cannabis advocate and doctor Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Having a THC potency of about 25%, the fragrance of this strain is lemon and spicy, with curry-like kicks.

This strain is mainly found in the flowery flavor. And according to reports from users, it helps people to have a better conversation, or to focus more on their purpose. Some reports have also stated that it increases the creativity among the users.

The structure of these plants is more like grape trees. This is because they form calyx that hangs loosely on the stems just like grapes. The flowering span of these types of strains are quite long, about three months. However, when the beautiful fluffy buds of bright green and reddish-brown strains covered in white trichomes bloom, it can be justified that the flowering span is worth waiting.

Very often the marijuana strains have a miraculous effect on the people who have been suffering from chronic conditions. It helps them to relax and eases the physical problems. Exploring cannabis strains with the help of good guidance can also help a person to reach the health goals.

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