Double Dutch

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Double Dutch

Double Dutch is a cannabis strain that is 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa. It’s a balanced resultant strain with a THC of 18%, acceptable by medical norms, yet moderately potent.

The plant produces large, green nugget-like buds with pale green pretty flowers. The buds have a sticky texture. The surface of the plant is encrusted in crystals with minute orange hairs. It has a fruity and flowery scent, reminding one of spring.

The flavor is also reportedly fruity. This is a fabulous blend of the effects of sativa and indica strains, offering the benefits of both energizing and calm and relaxed results. The outcome of consumption is a heady, happy feeling, tapering down to tension release and relaxation in the whole body.

Double Dutch has been known to be effective in the treatment and management of such conditions as ADD/ADHD, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle cramps, insomnia, gastric disorders, fatigue, migraines, stress and nausea.

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