Double Barrel OG Strain

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Offering a double shot of OG genetic effects, Double Barrel OG is a combination of Raskal’s Og Kush with White Fire OG. Created by Dank House Seeds, this cannabis strain is second to none with its evenly balanced hybrid properties that work well for a range of medical problems along with adding some fun to your day to day workings.

With its deep colored hairs covered with thick sticky resin coating, the notes of pine, diesel, and lemon hit you almost instantly once you break the nugs. This strain is perfect for those in need of a mood booster due to their long to-do lists. It brings the users to a euphoric state where everything is clear and easy to focus, thus helping you to stay on the task in hand. Even as the initial high settles down, the buzz brings a calming relaxation both to the mind and body.

For medical purposes, the strain has been used for those suffering from headaches, cramps, mood disorders, depression, anxiety or stress to clear the emotional or mental heaviness felt by the patient. This is a great marijuana strain if one is just looking to experiment or has a long day ahead. It even makes for a great companion on outdoor adventures provided you are in a place where you can relax on the comedown.

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