Dosidos Strain

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Dosidos is a cannabis strain of Girl Scout Cookies and is a hybrid of OG Kush Breath. This cannabis is an Indica-dominant hybrid. One of the greatest features about this cannabis strain is the visual appeal that it gives with its radiant trichomes, lime green and lavender leaves, and its bright pistils.

Cannabis, around the world, is known for being a relaxation stimulant and a plant that has several medical purposes linked to it. Cannabis has been seen to have a history with different civilizations around the world for the euphoric effect it generates and the cures that it provides to humans.

Dosidos is known to have an earthy, pungent and sweet aroma associated with it. The medical help that this form of cannabis provides includes insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, and pain of different levels. It is also known to give a euphoric, happy, sleepy, uplifted, and relaxed feeling to those who are taking it.

Thousands of cannabis strains exist all around the world today. Each strain has its distinctive feature and purpose of being bred. For more information on different cannabis strains, visit

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