Dog Walker OG Strain

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The cannabis strain named Dog Walker OG is quite a potent one. It is actually a cross between Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91. However, the identity of the organization or individual who came up with this strain is still unknown. According to various online sources, no one knows who produced Dog Walker OG first.

Dog Walker OG has an earthy and skunky smell. There’s an interesting story behind the naming of this strain. Some found its smell similar to that of a wet dog and thus the strain was named Dog Walker OG. It has a spicy aftertaste. Dog Walker OG has terpene profile that is dominated by humulene and alpha-pinene. Moreover, this is one of the most potent strains out there. The THC level found in is strain sometimes exceeds 27% and frankly, that is a lot of THC.

Thus, the high of Dog Walker OG is pretty intense and hard core. Many experienced stoners prefer this strain to other strains. You can grow this strain inside your house or even outdoors. Normally, the flowering takes around nine to ten weeks. It is usually grown in mid-October in the northern hemisphere. The looks of this strain are also very aesthetic as its buds are green and orange with crusted-trichomes.

Dog Walker OG is a potent strain and it isn’t recommended to anyone who is just starting to get into medicinal marijuana. It can be pretty overwhelming for first-time users. Thus, it is vital for users of medicinal marijuana to visit websites like to get proper information about various strains.

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