Cougar Piss Strain

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Cougar Piss is a stinky hybrid of Cat Piss strain and Afgani line. It is a Colorado-based weed strain coming out of rare dankness seeds. This strain has a potent and very unique NorCal Catpiss aroma and flavor.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Cat Piss (and this Cougar Piss which has Catpiss as its major ingredient) doesn’t actually smell like ammonia. It has a distinctly harsh and fresh snap that has undertones of a sour mango and only contains a hint of its namesake. The original flavor of Cougar Piss is the same as its aroma, but it also has a strong taste of cat urine in the mouth.

This weed strain has a strangely addictive flavor, as disgusting as that may sound, that people who tried the first Cat Piss would love to recall and immediately take up Cougar Piss. The initial effects are very intense but never depressed or unpleasant, which makes it appropriate for those who sometimes have difficulty with the onset of extreme strains.

What are cannabis strains? They are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus cannabis, which includes the species C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. To learn more, check out‘s directory of marijuana strains.

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