Cookie Monster Strain

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Cookie Monster blends the rock-solid lineage of two famous strains: the legendary powerhouse OG Kush and the West Coast royalty Girl Scout Cookies. Not to be confused with its genetically similar counterpart Monster cookies, this Indica dominant strain delivers a therapeutic and long-lasting relaxation. In fact, the strain has even won the top honors as best US Indica during the 2014 Hightimes Cannabis Cup.

With its vivid colored flowers, Cookie monster bushes have an earthy aroma with undertones of hashy sandalwood along with a slight cheesy tang. There is also that biscuit odor reminiscent of the parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.

Even though the medical usage of this strain leans towards medium to full sedation, not everyone experiences the same effect at the same time. It can be termed as somewhat a creeper. Initial effects start after fifteen to twenty minutes accompanied by a subtle mental stimulation. It makes the users feel happier with a tingling sensation and a mellow buzz. It is not until the physical body high hits that realization starts to sink in. They may experience feelings of couch lock or in other words, it would be difficult to fight off the urge to sit or lie down.

This marijuana strain is more appropriate for night time usage and has been known to fight stubborn insomnia instances as well as reduces physical discomfort by bringing your body to a complete relaxation point.

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