Citrix Strain

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The Citrix strain of marijuana possesses a distinctive grapefruit aroma. The plant grows with beautiful flowers blooming from striking green, fluffy buds. It is the result of a combination of Grapefruit sativa strains and LA Confidential indica strains. The reactions felt are uplifting with a gradual calmness later on. It is a potent plant, high in THC (23%).

When Citrix is used for medical reasons, and under a doctor’s supervision, it may do wonders for certain conditions. The drug comes in the form of scented oils and wax. This is a hybrid strain of choice for patients suffering from headaches in the daytime, as you can still focus, yet feel a calm repose.

It is especially effective for relieving some kinds of arthritic pain, as the plant has anti-inflammatory components. As do most cannabis strains, Citrix may also give relief from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, insomnia and depression.

As many different strains exist, you need to locate the one best suited to the treatment of the condition you may have. You can do your own research at, a comprehensive site devoted to information on the use of medical marijuana.

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