Chocolate Thai Strain

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Chocolate Thai is one of a kind cannabis strain. Developed in Thailand, this legendary strain made its first presence in the U.S in the early 1960s which was earlier known as Thai Sticks. Chocolate Thai is medium-dark brown cannabis as its major ingredient is chocolate.

The low-yielding Sativa properties in Chocolate Thai will help you yield major difficulties like chronic depression and acute insomnia. Due to its long-flowering smell that is cloned with seed line, Chocolate Thai is a popular name in the world of cannabis. Originated in the United States, chocolate Thai is famous for its purebred equivalents that leads to flowery properties.

Chocolate Thai has a low potency which is experienced by different smokers at the initial stage of consumption. With an average level of 12%, Chocolate Thai manages to give the consumer a spiciness that is different from the actual smell of the strain. For the ones who manage and suffer depression and anxiety, should understand that heavy doses of any strain may often be dangerous as it might lead to paranoia and recursive thinking.

What are cannabis strains? They are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus cannabis, which includes the species C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. To learn more, check out‘s directory of marijuana strains.

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