Chewdawg 4 Strain

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Chewdawg 4 is one such type of cannabis strain which is a phenotype belong to the Chewdawg line. The descendant of this particular variety can be found in Nepalese and Thai sativas. This cannabis strain is known for delivering a balance of cerebral invigoration along with having full-body effects.

Chewdawg 4 has a smell like citrus, wood, and pine. This is a fairly tall cannabis strain plan that has light-green buds. The plant itself can reach to about seven feet in height if grown outdoors and about four or five feet when grown indoors. A distinguishing feature of this strain is that it appears to have crystals with orange hair around the bud region.

The cannabis plant has been grown in many different places around the world. Each plant has its own unique variety. Inter-breeding of cannabis plants to form the superior quality of cannabis is an industry in itself. The different varieties of cannabis that have been formed due to this result are known as cannabis strains.

There are currently thousands of cannabis strains all over the world. is your one-stop destination to learning more about the varieties and gathering all information that is related to it.

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