Cherry Diesel Strain

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Cherry Diesel is one of the most accurately balanced cannabis strains out there. It is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. No one knows who created this strain. This cannabis strain is quite popular among those who are new to cannabis. As its THC level is usually somewhere between 15% and 18%, the high that comes along with it is not that intense and is usually quite relaxing.

The taste of this strain is also quite likable. The aftertaste of this strain has hints of cherry and diesel. Cherry Diesel is usually prescribed to those who suffer from depression, stress and anxiety disorders. It also works quite effectively as a pain-killer. It is a certainty that you’ll get the munchies after consuming this strain.

Cherry Diesel is a product of two popular strains – Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel. As of now, we don’t see much of Cherry Diesel on the market as it has been discontinued. The yield of this strain is also quite good with sticky and thick buds. Moreover, if you’re looking to grow Cherry Diesel, then you should know it can grow both outside and inside. Due to its balanced nature, Cherry Diesel helps you focus if taken in the right amount.

For most cannabis users, Cherry Diesel is the ideal strain as it is moderate. However, some are not satisfied by Cherry Diesel as they enjoy intense strains more. You can get all the information you need about different cannabis strains on

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