Cherry Bomb Strain

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Cherry Bomb is a balanced cannabis strain of Sativa and Indica. The flowers of this strain give out a fruity aroma and grow up to medium to large size. The buds of Cherry Bomb are dense and compact but the leaves are fluffy and sometimes appear loose to the eyes. The color of the leaves are mainly sage green but sometimes they boast shades of faint purple. The buds are coated with sticky and icy trichomes, which preserve the buds’ effectiveness.

Cheery Bomb shows its effect on the head even before the user exhales the smoke completely. The effect induces feeling of tics in the temples and may also increase salivation. The physical sensation then leads to an increase in the intensity of thoughts and emotions. As the intensity increases, you would feel enhanced cerebral activity in your head, which may help you in solving complicated problems related to analytics and mathematics. You would also find mundane tasks like laundry, washing and cleaning interesting.

Most of the cannabis strains are hybrid varieties of main species C. Sativa, C. Indica or C. Ruderalis. They are mostly created by crossing two or more varieties of these species. If you are interested in knowing more about cannabis strains you should visit and check their directory of marijuana strains.

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