Chemdog Strain

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The Chemdog cannabis strain, also known as Chemdawg, can be traced back to the parking lots of Grateful Dead concerts held back in the 1990s. These concerts were popular haunts of marijuana cultivars and it is in a setting like this that a breeder named Chem bought one ounce of a cannabis strain named Dogbud from breeder-duo Joe Brand and P-Bud.

The original growing region of this strain is considered to be the stretch across the California-Oregon border. Joe Brand had originally named this strain Chem, owing to the heavy flavors of chemicals that this strain provided. The name Chemdog, however, was the inventions of breeder Chem, who combined the original names Chem and Dogbud, to create this famous strain of cannabis.

After scoring the marijuana at the Grateful Dead concert, Chem collected the seeds and bred three phenotypes of cannabis from the original strain, the most famous amongst which was the variant popularly known as Chem 91. This strain of cannabis has been used over the last 25 years by numerous cultivars as one of the chief parent strains while creating hybrids. The Chem 91 that is available in the modern market is the original’s clone. Humboldt Seed Organization grows this strain and this variant consists of both Sativa and Indica characteristics. You might expect flowering to complete within 65-70 days. Their fluffy green spicy buds, thin fan leaves and medium size can distinguish the plant. Mediterranean, dry, outdoors climate is best suited for the growth of this cannabis strain.

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