Chem Sister Strain

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Chem Sister, Chem’s Sister, or Chem Sis is, a cannabis strain coming from the hybrid Chemdawg. A sativa-dominant strain, its buds have a THC level of 18%. Its flowers are mint green, covered with white hairs, which darken as the plant gets older.

The first time this phenotype became available was in 1996. Upon smoking or vaping this cannabis strain, it has a cerebral high. This strain is popular among growers due to its large yields. As the buds are full of trichomes, it is common to find Chem Sister to be gooey. Taking a whiff of this strain will give you skunky diesel-like aroma. Following its scents will be hints of citrus and sweet sandalwood undertones. While smoking or vaping this strain, you will observe a lemon-pine and sweet taste.

There are plenty of benefits, making it a popular choice among cannabis consumers. It can help alleviate a lack of appetite, stress, and chronic pain. Due to the strong effects of this strain, you can use it for recreational purposes. The high makes you feel happy and relaxed while uplifting your mood. You can also use this strain to boost your focus and creativity for a short duration. Although it is possible to grow this plant both outdoors and indoors, growers prefer the latter. The reason is that this strain doesn’t fare well with moisture, which can result in mold if you aren’t careful.

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