Cheesecake Strain

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An indica-dominant hybrid, Cheesecake is a potent cannabis strain with THC levels ranging from 13% – 22%. Developed in Netherlands, its buds are known to induce a happy and relaxing high after consumption. Its genetics come from Cheese, an indica dominant strain, and another unknown indica plant.

The main aromas that you will notice after opening up the buds are cheese-like and earthy odors. At the same time, it also has a sweet undertone, which lingers for a long time. Cheesecake has a bulky bud structure, complete with crystals and red hair. When smoking or vaping this strain, it has a heavy effect, an indicator of its indica genes. You will notice a change in mood, as it uplifts your emotions. You feel happy and euphoric after smoking or vaping this strain. Also, it is common to experience munchies, due to which you can use it to combat loss of appetite.

Cheesecake is effective when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Its couch-lock high makes it a great strain to combat insomnia. Cheesecake buds don’t have any fruity aroma, unlike its cousins. You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors. The flowering stage of this strain can last up to six weeks before harvest. Due to the resilient nature of this cannabis plant, it will still give you adequate yield under less than ideal growing conditions.

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