Cement Shoes Strain

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Once you experience the effect of this strain, you are going to understand why it is called the Cement Shoes cannabis strain. It is a cross between OGKB, Animal Cookies, and Wet Dream. This Indica dominant hybrid gives a full-body high that leaves a person couch-locked. Thus, it leaves the person so relaxed that the sedation and lethargy may leave the person locked to his place. It is especially enjoyable for those people who like to relieve themselves of stress and chronic pain.

The scent of this strain is reminiscent of citrus and nuts with a slightly different taste and an undertone of mint that can be tasted when exhaled. Its buds are large and look like a cluster of popcorn with amber pistils and olive shades with a thick coat of trichomes. The mental effects of the strain range from a deep sense of happiness and a halt in thoughts with a light body buzz along with relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms.

The yield of this product is medium to high and it is quite sticky like resin making you feel as if you have superglue on your hands. For recreation, it is ideal for evening usage because of the relaxation effect it induces into the body. People often ask about the different marijuana strains and how they can help them in relieving their problems.

This strain is worth considering if you would like to experience the lethargy and relaxation it comes with. Marijuanadoctors.com is the place to go know where you can get these nearby.

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