Cannatonic-X Strain

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Cannatonic-x is a cannabis strain that is found in resin seeds and has 50:50 proportions of THC and CBD in it. Cannatonic-x has a relaxing strain and is effective in uplifting the mood and increasing the focus level of the user. This strain is mostly used to cure the symptoms like nausea, depression, anxiety, stress and is well known for putting the mind and body into the relaxation mode.

One can make the use of this strain after a long day of work to get a smooth and relaxing feeling. The Cannatonic-x plant has a flowering period of 9-11 weeks and is mostly grown indoors in a controlled environment and under a careful watch. It is a hybrid blend of MK Ultra, and Indica and G-13 Haze. This strain has a greater ratio of Sativa to Indica which helps in achieving a relaxing effect on the user. Cannatonic has some possible side effects that may include dry mouth and dry eyes.

Choosing the perfect cannabis strain is really important for any user in order to cure their medical problems and improve their mental state. For more information on cannabis strains and a guide on choosing the perfect type of strain, visit

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