Cannalope Kush

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Cannalope Kush

With a name as exotic as Cannalope Kush, this Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid strain is a cross between the powerful OG 18 with the fruity sweet flavor of Cannalope Haze. Often called “Momma Kush” in Northern California, this marijuana strain has a light pleasant smoke with a woody undertone that leads to an energetic burst of euphoria and cerebral activity.

Even as it is inhaled, the change is felt almost immediately. This 70% Sativa and 30% Indica laden flowers, complete with THC are best for those looking for a wake and bake euphoric high that leaves behind a stoned smile on your face. The taste is light and pleasantly smooth with a hint of cantaloupe flavor that becomes noticeable when you break the buds. Considered to be both refreshing and crisp, the aroma of Cannalope Kush is almost like a subtle perfume. This hybrid is used in many medical practices to treat depression, anxiety issues, migraines and several sleeping disorders like insomnia.

In terms of growth, it is said that they grow best in soil rather than in hydroponics. The yield is quite bountiful with an indoor flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. It is advisable to let the plants reach their full height before harvesting in order to have the best quality of the product. With its resinous and long buds and high-quality yield, it is fast solidifying its reputation as a worthy choice among growers.

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