Cannalope Haze Strain

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With a maximum of 20% THC, Cannalope Haze gets its genetics from a Mexican landrace and the original Haze cannabis strain by the Haze Brothers. Sativa-dominant, smoking or vaping this bud can result in a cerebral and energetic high while having a calming effect on your body. A combination of floral, melon and tropical palate gives Cannalope Haze its unique and distinct flavor profile.

When you smoke or vape this cannabis strain, it is common to feel euphoric, happy and uplifted. Due to this reason, if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression, consuming these buds provide adequate relief. You can also use this strain when you are suffering from body aches and appetite loss.

The best time to smoke or vape Cannalope Haze is during the night, as you get to witness all its effects. It is common to experience a body buzz. As this strain has a small percentage of indica, you will also feel like sleeping after consumption.

The best way to grow Cannalope Haze is indoors, as it gives you the maximum yield. If the climate is warmer, this strain won’t face any problems when you raise it outdoors. Cannalope Haze produces large amounts of resin and has a smooth taste. As a result, this strain is popular for manufacturing concentrates. The flowering period can last between eight to nine weeks, after which you need to harvest.

Strains such as Cannalope Haze has the potential to help you hit your health goals. Check out to learn more about cannabis.

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