Canna Wreck Strain

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A hybrid of Timewreck and Canna Tsu cannabis strains, Canna Wreck has an aroma that is both tropical, as well as, fruity. The Sativa-dominant strain strikes a perfect balance between CBD and THC. The high-yield plant has the ability to grow almost double in size when it starts to flower.

Developed by Homegrown Natural Wonders, Canna-Wreck cannabis strain is a 70 by 30 hybrid dominated by Sativa. The strain has two times CBD in it in comparison to THC. It is also a preferred option for medicinal users used in different types of conditions. However, even recreational users will love to consume it and are best used in the daytime. People who consume it have a gentle, pleasant feeling through their mind and body.

The crops are bountiful and have plenty of therapeutic attributes. Canna Wreck has a flavor, which is a mix of different types of tropical fruits whiles content helps in providing relief to serious medical symptoms. It can treat conditions such as seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

The breeder claims that the strain produces varying effects based on its harvesting date. When Canna Wreck is harvested early, there is a presence of its stimulating effects. However, when the buds remain on the plant for a longer period, the effects become more clear-headed and mellow. To conclude, we can say that Canna Wreck is an immensely popular Sativa strain, which leaves the people feel energetic and creative.

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