Candyland Strain

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The sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Candyland, also known as Kandyland), was created in California by Grand Daddy Purp’s Breeding and Development team with Ken Estes as the cultivator and breeder. This strain, which is both sweet like candy and earthy, was obtained by crossing two well-known California strains, male Granddaddy Purple with female Bay Platinum Cookies (more commonly called Platinum GSC).

Having a typical flowering cycle ranging from 8 to 9 weeks, Candyland can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, although outdoors is highly recommended. For indoor cultivation, a 12/12 light cycle switch is required, while outdoor cultivation varies upon the geographical location. The best time to cultivate Candyland in the Northern Hemisphere is in early October, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is early April. Candyland produces thin sun leaves with tight, internodal spacing.

The dense buds of this cannabis strain are known for their resin content. This strain is used for medical purposes and is popularly recommended to persons suffering from depression, anxiety, ADD, arthritis, back pain, appetite loss resulting from anorexia or chemotherapy side-effects.

People using Candyland have reported feeling happy, focused, talkative, uplifted and euphoric making it a great stress reliever. It is recommended to take this strain during the day when you need to feel motivated, uplifted or energized, and not before bed as it will keep you up and energetic during the night. Common side-effects may include dryness in the mouth and eyes and some also report feeling anxious and paranoid. In the 2012 KushCon awards held in Denver, Candyland was the gold medal winner and won the first-place trophy for best sativa. is the most trusted and transparent go-to-site for all your medical marijuana needs. You can head over to the site to book a doctor’s appointment and get your medical evaluation done.

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