California Grapefruit Strain

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DNA Genetics crossed 3 immensely potent strains, Skunk 31, Northern Lights, and Afghani, to develop a tremendously refreshing cannabis strain that has inherited all the strong effects of its parents. While the strain is not quite high in THC content with an average of approximately 13 percent, it results in long-lasting high and is relatively potent.

While these tiny popcorn buds might appear tremendously inviting, one should not underestimate their power. These buds are neon green in color and feature dusty white trichomes and amber hairs. As soon as a person takes the first puff, its tangy aroma cannot be ignored. The aroma is present along with certain bright citrus flavors such as orange and grapefruit. The user will feel the same freshness as that of these fruits on their palate and nose.

California Grapefruit is high in Indica and several users underestimate it for being a dud bud although it is not so. You will feel a warm body buzz, which is absolutely sedating thus making it an ideal bud for nighttime usage.

Relish this sleepy bud after returning home from a hectic day of work and enjoy a good night of sleep. Due to the strain’s potent effects, California Grapefruit is great for any kind of ailment, where the patient is most benefitted from a strong sedative.

Such conditions include night terrors, insomnia, headaches, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. You may try California Grapefruit for an immediate boost in your mood prior to falling asleep in smaller doses. You will experience symptoms of stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety melting away.

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