C4 Strain

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C4 is Indica dominant cannabis strain. It was created by crossing Indica Shiskaberry and Cotton Candy Kush. The flowers of C4 emit a pleasant earthy scent and possess THC content ranging from 15% to 22%. The flowers of this strain are fairly large and produce spherical shape when fully grown.

The leaves are vibrant spring green with pistils dipped in yellow and orange colors. The buds appear to be bathed in syrupy trichomes, which make the bud hard and not easy to break by hands. The buds produce a mellow scent similar to moss and cedar when they are cured completely.

C4 induces a strong high when consumed but you may not feel the effect for the first few minutes. Eventually, you will start feeling that your breath has been mellowed down and your muscles and joints have loosened up. As the effect spreads all over your body, you would feel either content or euphoric. Because it works on both body and mind, it would be a great company to create art, music, exercise or even to have sex.

Medical uses of C4 vary from weakening effects of stress to curing PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Its sedative properties can be used to reduce body pains and aches including stomach pain. In high doses, it can induce sleep hence can be used in treating insomnia.

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