Burmese Kush Strain

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Burmese Kush is a strain of hybrid cannabis that has different versions available on the market depending on the breeder whose variant you select. Both Kera Seeds and TH Seeds have created this Kush and there are stark differences between the two.

While the former is a cross between White Widow and Trainwreck, the latter by TH Seeds uses OG Kush and Burmese strains to create their version of Burmese Kush. The potency of Kera Seeds’ version has around 20% THC and you might be able to distinguish it by its peppery smoke flavor. The later has piney and citrusy flavors but shines out by its OG Kush-like potency.

You can cultivate Kera Seeds’ version of Burmese Kush during the seasons of April in the Southern Hemisphere, and during seasons of October in the Northern Hemisphere, in both indoor and outdoor settings. The plant tends to lean towards Sativa strains but is not characterized by the wild-growing tendencies that Sativa strains usually have.

It can be tricky to grow, but if adequate attention and care are given, the plant can provide bountiful produce. Their bright orange stigmas, purple leaves, frosty colas, and medium-sized plants distinguish TH Seeds’ variant. It can also be grown outdoors and indoors as well. Both plants have a flowering period of nine weeks.

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