Bubble Gum Strain

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Bubble Gum, also known as “bubba gum,” is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is the origin of many different strains. It’s characterized by its sweet smell and pleasant effects, which can work for daytime or nighttime use. 


The story begins in Indiana, where the plant’s original cultivators distributed three saplings across different seed banks for cultivation. From there, each of the three breeders grew a different bubble gum phenotype. It later traveled to Amsterdam, where the strain transformed into what it is today. Some phenotypes became indica-rich, whereas some had a strong sativa concentration. Inbreeding several generations of the ancestral plant has actively produced the cloned bubble gum strain that we know and love.

This well-revered cannabis strain has actively won more than four High Times Cannabis Cups and has garnered awards in Spain, with Soft Secrets magazine naming it “Plant of the Year.”

Appearance and Effects 

This strain can help people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic pain, nausea, and other mood disorders.

The bubble gum strain has a distinctive, sweet flavor with earthy, fruity, and peppery undertones. Its name comes from its unique bubble gum aroma and is usually light green with orange threads woven throughout. Indica roots of the strain impart couch lock syndrome and induce relaxation, while the sativa side is responsible for its uplifting properties and potent euphoric highs. It usually has above-average THC levels ranging from 15 to 20 percent, with a terpene profile including humulene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.

Growing the Bubble Gum Strain

You can grow Bubble Gum in indoor and outdoor gardens, and you can easily find feminized versions of cannabis seeds online or at dispensaries. It is a good marijuana strain for beginner cannabis growers. Bubble gum seeds lead to germination into robust plants that have uniformly strong, well-built, and thick stems. Proper trimming and clipping require attention, as Bubble Gum prefers growing vertically with low side branching. It completes flowering in about 50 to 60 days.

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