Brian Berry Cough Strain

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“Brian Berry,” also known as “Brian Berry Cough,” is a uniformly balanced hybrid, which was developed jointly by TGA Subcool, as well as, MzJill, his then-wife. It has a heart-wrenching story attached to is development. This highly medicinal strain was developed by this couple to help a friend of theirs called Brian so that he could cope with his ALS symptoms that were extremely painful.

It is a revolutionary strain famous for its properties of soothing pain and is available in delicious candy fruit flavors. Brian Berry typically evolves into huge plants featuring big colas. It happens to be a balanced fifty by fifty hybrid strain, which crosses Space Queen and Strawberry Cough. The strain is bred for potency along with flavor. It inherits cherry and a strong strawberry aroma.

The strain is very powerful while its high-velocity has a cerebral impact in the beginning and can then spread fast to the remaining parts of the body to relax the patient. Green calyxes, as well as, lavender knots come out from the large plants. Today, it has brought awareness to a silent ailment. Also, the hybrid has managed to bring new hope to all those patients who suffer from worries and pain albeit for a temporary period.

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