Blueberry OG Strain

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Blueberry OG is the blend of two of the most distinguished strains of the world. As such, the hybrid strain reproduces the finest traits form these two noble genetics. However, this complex assignment was successful in the form of Blueberry O. Here is a strain powered with the usual classic Indica and the Blueberry plant.

The upscale and incredibly rewarding hybrid can keep the growers breathless. Packed buds with mammoth colas bloom on the plants after attaining maturity. Every harvest gives out a rich aroma of musk flood and sweet citrus. Its plant can grow up to medium height and have several side branches. A cross of the iconic OG Kush Blueberry gave birth to a new strain, which is rich in CBD and high medical value. The Indica dominant strain comprises 30 percent Sativa and 70 percent Indica.

Once a person uses Blueberry OG, its smoke creates a powerful Indica stone effect and euphoric psychedelic high thereafter. Its flavors bouquet has notes of pine, citrus, and musk. The most interesting part of this smoke is the delicious sweet blueberry and citrus flavor. Veterans will be aware of the high potency of Blueberry OG. Thus, it is most suitable for evening use and alternatively when there is a proper schedule on a day. A hit triggers a captivating high, which creates sedative effects blended with giggling and euphoria.

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